IBM SPSS Training

IBM-SPSS is the leading predictive analytics tool worldwide. Our mission is to drive the wide-spread use of the right statistical software for teaching/instruction, data analysis and decision making. We’ve been all over the Philippines since 2010, preaching predictive analytics and research techniques.We offer different trainings from BASIC to ADVANCED statistics to cope up with the participants needs. Monthly, we do trainings with different courses open for beginners and progressive users of IBM SPSS and yearly we conduct special seminar-workshop in Manila and other provinces like Cebu and Davao to spread the knowledge in predictive analytics.


basic Learn the basic function of IBM SPSS. Learn how to present your data comprehensively. On the second day, learn the assumptions of many statistical techniques and its underlying concepts. - Duration: 2 days
surveymeth 1st Day This course aims to teach the practice and art of survey research. Learn about the methods of data collection, sampling, question writing, questionnaire design, issues of non-response and response rates and the preparation of data for analysis. 2nd Day Review the standard methods that are used to analyze survey data, beginning with simple methods, such as cross-tabulations, and moving toward the advanced topics, such as logistic regression and decision tree methods.
surveymeth An introduction to structural equation modeling (SEM) using Amos and its graphical interactive path modeling tools. The fundamentals of SEM are reviewed, and modern advances in structural modeling and statistical methods are emphasized, demonstrated with practical examples drawn from a variety of application areas, such as customer satisfaction, healthcare, and education.
quali Learn how you can immediately analyze open-ended data using IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys. This training will help participants on how to effectively analyze and mine their open-ended data without any bias on the analysis.
marketreseach In this course, participants will learn more statistical techniques used in market research to understand, develop and better position of their organization's/company's products and services. This course will also help participants understand customer perceptions and trade-offs among different product characteristics.
predic In this training you will consider in depth some of the more advanced statistical procedures that are available in SPSS. You'll take a look at several advanced statistical techniques and discuss situations when each may be used, the assumptions made by each method, how to set up the analysis using SPSS and how to interpret the results. - Duration: 2 days
regressio222 This course examines regression techniques used to explore the relationships between interval scale variables in detail. You will develop an understanding of when to apply each technique, how to apply it and how to interpret the results. Additionally, the course will cover some preliminary data analysis steps, how to check the underlying assumptions and suggestions of how to proceed when your assumptions fail. - Duration: 1 day
intermediate This course is the continuation of IBM SPSS Training for Researchers. Intermediate IBM SPSS Training for Researchers will help participants understand advanced statistical analysis that yield significant findings. The instructor will help participants understand the concept and the assumptions of each topics. - Duration: 2 days
time-series This course gets you up and running with a set of procedures for analyzing time series data. Learn how to forecast using a variety of models which take into account different combinations of trend, seasonality and prediction variables. The Expert Modeler features in IBM-SPSS Forecasting will be covered in this course. Generate predicted values along with standard errors, confidence intervals and residuals. This course will emphasize the graphical display of your results so you can visualize your forecasting models.
predicttt Master predictive analytics through this training course. This training course aims to ponder the skills of the participants in analyzing the patterns to predict future growth/sales/performance. IBM SPSS Modeler will be utilized during the training, it is easy to use and intuitive. Besides, analysts spend most of their time reading and interpreting the results.