As a Market Research Company, we establish a round-the-clock system of presence to clients. We implement Team Development Program and excellent in external and internal partners care through continuing professional dialogue such as effective presentation skills, technical report writing, and 360-degree performance evaluation. We utilize IBM-SPSS products, a leader in the market research industry for statistical analysis, and data mining.





STRAND-Asia, Inc. maintains a pool of well-qualified IT personnel, consultants, and researchers to meet the need of clients and internal consulting requirements. Our representatives have 10 years of experience in marketing information products.


  • Customized research – we can adapt to what clients’ needs
  • Has extensive experience in research with numerous industries
  • Nationwide and Regional Fieldwork – with local interviewers in Cebu and Davao
  • In-house data processing
  • Cost efficient
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Affiliated with local and international research institutions