IBM SPSS Training



IBM-SPSS is the leading predictive analytics tool worldwide.


Our mission is to drive the wide-spread use of the right statistical software for teaching/instruction, data analysis and decision making.


We’ve been all over the Philippines in the past 5 years and counting, preaching predictive analytics and research techniques.






  • statistical_training

    • IBM-SPSS Training For Researchers – encoding, descriptive statistics, regression and more.

    • Survey Methodology – questionaire design, sampling, pretesting and more.

    • Survey Analysis using IBM-SPSS – reporting results, clustering respondent, analyzing text data and more.

  • predictive_statistics

    Predictive Analytics 1 (using IBM-SPSS Advanced Statistics)

    •  Predictive Analytics 2 (using IBM-SPSS Regression)

    •  Predictive Analytics 3 (using IBM-SPSS Forecasting)

  • survey_methodology

    Structural Equation Modeling using IBM-SPSS Amos – SEM & Path Analysis

    Intro to Data Mining Using IBM-SPSS Modeler – neural networks, Kohonen networks and many more.

    Advanced Data Mining using IBM-SPSS Modeler – cox regression, time series analysis and a lot more topics.