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We are a Filipino corporation that caters full-service marketing and online research, consulting, software marketing, training, and IT services. STRAND-Asia envisions to be the leading PROVIDER OF QUALITY RESEARCH in the Philippines using advanced technology, frameworks and methodology.

Our Company

Full Market Research Services

Our services include end-to-end research, from sampling, data collection, data processing, tabulation and statistical analysis. We utilize IBM-SPSS products, leader in the market research industry for statistical analysis and data mining.

We offer a wide range of market research services from questionnaire design, data collection, data processing, data analysis, report preparation, up to report presentation. We cater services such as Customer Satisfaction Survey, Advertising Research, Product Research, Political Survey, Online Research, Fieldwork, Data Capture, Data Processing, and Data Management.

We are of service with local and international clients. It includes studies for different industries like healthcare, food and beverage, automotive, cargo and logistics, household goods and transportation.

Experienced Individual

STRAND-Asia, Inc. maintains a pool of well-qualified IT personnel, consultants and researchers to meet the need of clients and internal consulting requirements. Our representatives have 10 years of experience in marketing information products.

We have a total of 80 field interviewers and 10 executive interviewers. Our interviewers were selected based on educational attainment and related marketing research services. They were thoroughly briefed and trained for every research projects.