Special Courses


About the course:

We are currently developing special courses that will tackle big data, market research and qualitative research. These courses must develop a new breed of agile analyst that meets the emerging industry requirement for data-driven decision making.

Level of Difficulty: Medium – Hard



    In this course you will focus on the statistical techniques most often used to support market segmentation. The course emphasizes the practical issues of setting up, running and interpreting the results of market segmentation analysis.




    This course focuses on the different Analysis of Variance techniques which allow you to test whether the means of several populations are the same. After discussing the basic assumptions for each technique you will check the assumptions, run the analysis and draw conclusions from the data.

For training outline and registration form:

You can call Joanna at (02)576-8407 loc 209 or e-mail at joanna_gravador@strandasia.com.