Statistical Modeling


About the course:

IBM-SPSS Amos and IBM-SPSS Modeler are advanced tools for data mining, path analysis and regression analysis. These tools easily create graphs and tables to help the user simplify their computation and focus on interpreting the results. IBM-SPSS Softwares are user-friendly, easy to use and is the only statistical and data management software that allows user to simply drag and drop function.

Level of Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Structural Equation Modeling  using IBM-SPSS AMOS


An introduction to structural equation modeling (SEM) using Amos and its graphical interactive path modeling tools. The fundamentals of SEM are reviewed, and modern advances in structural modeling and statistical methods are emphasized, demonstrated with practical examples drawn from a variety of application areas, such as customer satisfaction, healthcare, and education.

Duration: 1 Day. Training Schedule: Click here to view the schedule.

Introduction to Data Mining using IBM-SPSS Modeler


Learn how to read, explore and manipulate data. Plus, learn how to apply machine learning techniques such as rule induction, neural networks, Kohonen networks and association rules to business data. The course will also tackle data manipulation techniques in IBM-SPSS Modeler. You’ll learn as well how to combine and manipulate files, sample data, handle missing values and work with dates and sequence data.

Duration: 2 Days. Training Schedule: Click here to sched.

Advanced Data Mining using IBM-SPSS Modeler


In this training course participants will learn data reduction, analyze decision trees, interpret neural networks, create linear regression, cox regression and create a time series analysis using IBM-SPSS Modeler. 

Duration: 2 Days. Training Schedule: Click here to sched.

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