Predictive Analytics


About the course:

Predictive Analytics are making waves among businesses and academic institutions today. Predictive Analytics allows you to understand the patterns of strategic decision making and fostering a data driven-decision to meet your organization’s vision and financial growth. These courses are strongly recommended for people working in academia, marketing, sales and more.

Level of Difficulty: Easy-Hard

Predictive Analytics 1 (using IBM-SPSS Advanced Statistics)


The training course will walk you through the basics of predictive analytics. This course will tackle logistic regression, survival analysis, cluster analysis, factor analysis and many more. Understand your data and predict your customers’ behavior through this training course.

Duration: 2 Days. Training Schedule: Click here to sched.

Predictive Analytics 2 (using IBM-SPSS Regression)


This course will tackle regression techniques used to explore the relationships between scale variables in detail. This course will help you develop an understanding of when to apply each technique, how to apply it and how to interpret the results.

Duration: 1 Day. Training Schedule: Click here to sched.

Predictive Analytics 3 (using IBM-SPSS Forecasting)


Learn how to forecast your growth and future trends through this training course. Furthermore, participants will learn how to generate predicted values along with standard errors, confidence intervals and residuals. The course will also emphasize the graphical display of your results so you can visualize your forecasting models.

Duration: 2 Days. Training Schedule: Click here to sched.

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