Basic IBM SPSS Training

Training Basic SPSS

About the course:

These courses are strongly recommended for first-time IBM-SPSS users, academic instructors, researchers and individuals who wanted to understand the basics of research. The courses will discuss data management, encoding data in IBM-SPSS, understanding the relationship among variables, sampling and in-depth analysis.

Level of Difficulty: Easy

IBM-SPSS Training for Researchers


The training session includes three courses – namely, Introduction to SPSS, Introduction to SPSS Custom Tables (An introductory course focused on generating stub and banner tables as well as complex multi-page tables with multiple variables and a variety of statistics, including the following significance tests: chi-square tests, t tests, and z tests of proportions) and Introduction to Statistical Analysis using SPSS.

Duration: 2 Days. Training Schedule: Click here!

Survey Methodology


The practice and art of survey research. Learn about the methods of data collection, sampling, question writing, questionnaire design, issues of non-response and response rates and the preparation of data for analysis (but not survey data analysis itself). This course usually paired with Survey Analysis in a 2 day training package.

Duration: 1 Day. Training Schedule: Click here to sched.

Survey Analysis using IBM SPSS


The standard methods that are used to analyze survey data, beginning with simple methods, such as cross tabulations, and moving toward the advanced topics, such as logistic regression and decision tree methods.

Duration: 1 Day. Training Schedule: Click here to sched.

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