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IBM SPSS Statistics is an integrated family of products that offers a rich set of capabilities for every stage of the analytical process. Modules in the IBM SPSS Statistics family can either be purchased individually, or bundled to fit your needs.


  • IBM SPSS Statistics bundles combine some of our most popular modules into a single purchase option.



    IBM SPSS Statistics Standard

    Fundamental analytical capabilities for a wide variety of business and research questions.




    IBM SPSS Statistics Professional

    Additional capabilities to address issues of data quality, data complexity, automation and forecasting.




    IBM SPSS Statistics Premium

    A full range of analytical techniques plus structural equation modeling (SEM).
    In-depth sampling assessment and testing, and procedures for direct marketing.


    Featured IBM SPSS Statistics Modules



    IBM SPSS Statistics Base

    IBM SPSS Statistics Base enables you to get a quick look at your data, formulate hypotheses for additional testing, and then carry out statistical and analytic procedures to help clarify relationships between variables, create clusters, identify trends and make predictions.



    IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics

    SPSS Advanced Statistics provides powerful techniques for solving real-world problems in a variety of disciplines, including medical research, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and market research. It makes analysis more accurate and conclusions more dependable when working with complex relationships.



    IBM SPSS Regression

    You can apply IBM SPSS Regression to many business and analysis projects where ordinary regression techniques are limiting or inappropriate: for example, studying consumer buying habits or responses to treatments, measuring academic achievement, and analyzing credit risks.

  • IBM SPSS Statistics Features

    SPSS Statistics is loaded with powerful analytic techniques and time-saving capabilities to help you quickly and easily find new insights in your data.

    Here’s a look at the newest features and enhancements designed to help you:

    • Quickly access and analyze massive datasets

    • Discover new insights in your data with tables, graphs, mapping capabilities, cubes and pivoting technology.

    • Analyze data with a comprehensive range of statistical procedures.






    Counts, percentages, residuals, marginals, tests of independence, tests of linearassociation, measure of linear association, ordinal data measures, nominal by interval measures, measure of agreement, relative risk estimates for case control and cohort studies.



    Factor Analysis


    Used to identify the underlying variables, or factors, that explain the pattern of correlations within a set of observed variables. In IBM SPSS Statistics Base, the factor analysis procedure provides a high degree of flexibility, offering:
    • Seven methods of factor extraction
    • Five methods of rotation, including direct oblimin and promax for nonorthogonal rotations
    • Three methods of computing factor scores. Also, scores can be saved as variables for further analysis





    Conduct contrast, range and post hoc tests; analyze fixed-effects and random-effects measures; group descriptive statistics; choose your model based on four types of the sum-of-squares procedure; perform lack-of-fit tests; choose balanced or unbalanced design; and analyze covariance with up to 10 methods.



    K-means Cluster Analysis


    Used to identify relatively homogeneous groups of cases based on selected characteristics, using an algorithm that can handle large numbers of cases but which requires you to specify the number of clusters. Select one of two methods for classifying cases, either updating cluster centers iteratively or classifying only.

  • IBM SPSS Bootstrapping makes testing the stability and reliability of your models easy.

    IBM SPSS Categories Use IBM SPSS Categories to understand which characteristics consumers relate most closely to your brand, or to determine customer perception of your products compared to other products you or your competitors offer.

    IBM SPSS Complex Samples IBM SPSS Complex Samples provides the specialized planning tools and statistics you need when working with complex sample designs, such as stratified, clustered or multistage sampling.

    IBM SPSS Conjoint When you use both conjoint analysis and competitive product market research for your new products, you are less likely to overlook product dimensions that are important to your customers or constituents, and more likely to successfully meet their needs.

    IBM SPSS Custom Tables More than a simple reporting tool, IBM SPSS Custom Tables combines comprehensive analytical capabilities with interactive table-building features to help you learn from your data and communicate the results of your analyses as professional-looking tables that are easy to read and interpret.

    IBM SPSS Data Preparation All researchers have to prepare their data before analysis. While basic data preparation tools are included in IBM SPSS Statistics Base, IBM SPSS Data Preparation provides specialized techniques to prepare your data for more accurate analyses and results.

    IBM SPSS Data Preparation All researchers have to prepare their data before analysis. While basic data preparation tools are included in IBM SPSS Statistics Base, IBM SPSS Data Preparation provides specialized techniques to prepare your data for more accurate analyses and results.

    IBM SPSS Decision Trees This module features highly visual classification and decision trees. These trees enable you to present categorical results in an intuitive manner, so you can more clearly explain categorical analysis to non-technical audiences.

    IBM SPSS Direct Marketing Helps you understand your customers in greater depth, improve your marketing campaigns and maximize the ROI of your marketing budget.

    IBM SPSS Exact Tests IBM SPSS Exact Tests enables you to use small samples and still feel confident about the results. With the money saved using smaller sample sizes, you can conduct surveys or test direct marketing programs more often. Stay ahead of the competition by using these resources to find new opportunities.

    IBM SPSS Forecasting Reliable forecasts can have a major impact on your organization’s ability to develop and implement successful strategies. Unlike spreadsheet programs, IBM SPSS Forecasting has the advanced statistical techniques needed to work with time-series data regardless of your level of expertise.

    IBM SPSS Missing Values Missing data can seriously affect your models – and your results. Ignoring missing data, or assuming that excluding missing data is sufficient, risks reaching invalid and insignificant results.

    IBM SPSS Neural Networks Using the procedures in IBM SPSS Neural Networks, you can develop more accurate and effective predictive models. The result? Deeper insight and better decision making.

    IBM SPSS Amos With SPSS Amos, you can specify, estimate, assess, and present your model in an intuitive interface to show hypothesized relationships among variables. Alternatively, SPSS Amos offers a non-graphical method to specify models. SPSS Amos is the perfect tool for a variety of purposes, including.

    IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys Get greater value from survey text. Transform unstructured survey data into quantitative data and discover insights using sentiment analysis.

    IBM SPSS Visualization Designer

    IBM SPSS Sample Power

    IBM SPSS Statistics Developer

    IBM SPSS Statistics Server

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